Diversity Awareness, Inclusion, and Equity Training

Diversity Awareness, Inclusion, and Equity Training

April 04, 2018
Lower Commons, Pine Room
09:00 AM to 03:00 PM

Participants will be introduced to basic cultural concepts, definitions, and competencies as well as explore aspects of human differences, prejudices, biases, and disparities of power in our society. This powerful session is  interactive and brings about awareness of our personal views through group activities and videos.

Registration Information:

Please register online via SkillPort, Instructor Led Module.

Having trouble? Contact Sara Garcia by replying to this email, emailing staffdevelopmentcenter@csusb.edu , or calling (909) 537-3125.

Accommodation Information:

If you are in need of an accommodation to participate in the workshop, please contact Sara Garcia in the Staff Development Center via email at staffdevelopmentcenter@csusb.edu or phone at (909) 537-3125 at least 72 hours in advance.