#TealMeYourStory: Survivor Speak Out & Ally training

#TealMeYourStory: Survivor Speak Out & Ally training

April 05, 2018
SMSU Fourplex 217/218
02:00 PM

In this event VOICE Peer Educators and the Campus Advocate train students to be allies to survivors as well as create a safe space for survivors to tell their testimonies, share their experiences, and/or declarations of self-love. First we will begin by defining and identifying what abuse is, then we will go over dynamics and effects of abuse, do’s and don’ts of responding to survivors, and finally we will hear from a few featured survivors before opening the floor for anyone present who wants to share their story.

This event will have pizza.

Teal Me Your Story Flyer

White flyer with teal microphone
CSUSB VOICE Peers present....
# T E A L M E Y O U R S T O R Y
Join us as we support survivors of sexual assault tell their story. We encourage everyone to wear teal to raise awareness regarding sexual assault.
Thursday, April 5th 
SMSU Fourplex (SU-215/216)
For more information or accessibility needs contact Marina.Rodriguez2@csusb.edu