April 19, 2018 to April 20, 2018
08:30 AM to 06:00 PM

The Latin American Studies Conference, “Study of the Americas,” is intended to foster interest, knowledge, and understanding of the very diverse cultures of Latin America. Come and share your area of interest in Latin American art, music, indigenous peoples, literature, economics, politics, history, current issues, and other related topics. Areas of interest include the impact of Latin American cultures in the United States. We welcome papers and panel proposals on any subject relating to the “Study of the Americas.”
This conference prides itself in providing graduate students a forum where they can begin to present their research. Graduate students from all disciplines are invited to submit abstracts on topics relating to Latin America. Papers may be delivered in English or Spanish.


Welcome 8:50am                  Carmen Jany, LAS Coordinator

                                             Tom McGovern, Chair, World Languages and Literatures


Session 1: 8:50-9:50am          Session Chair: Teresa Velásquez


Ariana Cano, CSUSB Communication Studies

Creating and Reaffirming Identity: Examining Nosotros Los Pobres and La Familia P. Luche


Ana Teresa DeLoera-Moll, CSUSB

Rarámuri, grupo original de Chihuahua México/Rarámuri, an indigenous group of Chihuahua


Morning Break: 9:50-10:00am


Keynote Speech: 10:00-11:00am          Session Chair: Fabián Borges


Gerardo Munck, International Relations and Political Science, USC

Latin America’s Post-Transitional Politics: Problems of and for Democracy in the New Century


Movie Screening: 11:00-12:00noon          Session Chair: Carmen Jany


Introduction & Discussion: María Barragan-Arreguin (Undocumented Student Success Center)

DREAMers – A short film by Dick Alweis


Keynote Speech: 12:00-1:00pm          Session Chair: Dorothy Chen


Kent Wong, Asian Studies and Director of Labor Center, UCLA

U.S. Immigrant Youth at a Crossroads


Lunch Break: 1:00-2:00pm           Acto Latino Performance  El cruce de los sueños


Presentation: 2:00-2:15pm          Emilio Rodriguez, CISP          CSUSB Study-abroad programs


Session 2: 2:15-4:15pm          Session Chair: Bibiana Díaz


Erendira Torres, CSUSB Communication Studies

Sexualizing and victim-blaming girls: An analysis of teaching sexuality to girls in Mexico and the United States


Benjamin Schultz, History, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo

Neozapatismo as History and Influence


José L. Collazo Jr., Sociology, Cal Poly Pomona and CSUSB

Return Migration to “¿México Lindo y Querido?”: The Role of U.S. Destination and Immigration Enforcement


Julián Acuña, CSUSB Anthropology

Early Formative Period Exchange, Crafting, and Subsistence: An analysis of La Consentida’s chipped stone assemblage


Afternoon Break: 4:15-4:30pm


Session 3: 4:30-6:00pm          Session Chair: Carmen Jany


Spanish MA Graduate Student Roundtable (Session in Spanish)


Lisbeth Rosales, Spanish, CSUSB

Maya Chinchilla: la identidad guatemalteca en su poesía


Masiel Corona, Spanish, CSUSB
Santa Teresa de Jesús y Margarita Michelena: poesía ontológica


José Fernández, Spanish CSUSB

Hacia la parodia de algunos rasgos del español arcaico a través de la voz de don Quijote



Association for Latin American Studies (ALAS)

Center for International Studies and Programs (CISP)

College of Arts and Letters

Department of World Languages & Literatures

Pfau Library

University Diversity Committee