Emotional Intelligence (EI) & You! (Alumni Professional Development Workshop Series)

Emotional Intelligence (EI) & You! (Alumni Professional Development Workshop Series)

November 15, 2017
Health and Physical Education Complex Room 124, CSUSB, 5500 University Parkway, San Bernardino, CA 92407
06:00 PM

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Emotional Intelligence (EI) & You!

Today’s fast-paced, team-based, and global work environments call for strong and effective relationships. We are all looking for the tools that can help us manage, adapt and strike out ahead of the pack. Cutting-edge research has shown that emotional intelligence is critical to your success and plays a key role in higher productivity, higher performance, and greater satisfaction in work and life. Individuals high in EI are consistently the top performers in their organizations, and demonstrate the relational skills needed to be successful in today’s workplace. Emotional intelligence is believed to be a greater indicator of success than one's IQ, but unlike IQ, skills that enhance and improve personal EI can be taught, learned and applied.  

In this workshop we will discover exactly what emotional intelligence is and why it’s recognized as one of the hottest performance tools for thousands of success-minded people. You will evaluate your current level of emotional intelligence, and learn steps on how to easily raise your EI level … and stand out from the crowd. You will learn the set of competences that can enhance your ability to understand yourself, understand others and positively relate to a variety of diverse peoples in diverse situations.

Presented by Eric Doucette '16, Adjunct Instructor, Riverside Community College.

Wednesday, Nov. 15
6 - 8 p.m.
HP-124, CSUSB Campus