CSUSB Podcast Club Meeting

CSUSB Podcast Club Meeting

February 18, 2019
12:00 PM
The CSUSB Podcast Club will hold our first meeting on Monday, February 18th, from noon to 2 pm in PL5005M. Please join us if you're interested!

The club will operate like a book club. We'll listen to a few episodes from a new or interesting podcast, and then we'll meet as a group to discuss them.

For our first meeting, we'll discuss three recent episodes from Ear Hustle -- an award-winning podcast by prisoners in San Quentin State Prison about life in the American prison system. You can listen to those three episodes at the links below. Or you can listen to Ear Hustle on a podcast app like iTunes or Stitcher.
"Episode 24: The Big No No" (11/8/18) -- about prisoners falling in love with staff or volunteers

"Episode 25: Prime Real Estate" (11/12/18) -- about the different types of dating in prison
"Episode 26: Bittersweet" (12/12/18) -- about life's major milestones passing at a distance
(Note: Ear Hustle also recently released a short, bonus episode titled, "Road Trip" (1/16/19), in which they interview former California Governor Jerry Brown. So that might be a good bonus listen, too.)

So, if you like listening to and talking about good storytelling, please give those episodes a listen, and join us on the 18th! And if you don't get a chance to listen to all three episodes -- no worries. Join us anyways!

If you have any questions, or if you'd like to be added to the contact list for future meetings, please contact me at corrigan@csusb.edu