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  1. Division of Administration and Finance


  2. Jack H. Brown College of Business and Public Administration


  3. Masters of Public Administration


  1. CSUSB Center for International Studies and Programs

    ... Conditional admission option for qualifying students; Safe and convenient Southern ... center; Ease of class selection compared to other universities; ...


  2. Prospective Students - Office of Graduate Studies

    ... business, teaching in a public school, research ... Course Registration: Students who register for ... programs only: Business Administration (MBA): Due ...


  3. First Year Students | CSUSB

    ... First Year Students. Prepare for College. ... Out-of-state/non-resident students: For most majors, a GPA of 3.61 and above qualifies with any score. ...


  4. Current Students | CSUSB

    ... Current Students Current ... Current Students. Academics. Today the world we live in needs leaders – and here is where those leaders are made. ...


  5. Future Students | CSUSB

    ... Future Students Future Students. ... Future Students. Preparing For College. If you're thinking about choosing CSUSB as a ...


  6. Welcome Page | History in the Making | A Journal of History at ...

    ... Any students regardless of major who are interested in ... historical monographs, historical documentaries, films, exhibitions, or public history projects. ...


  7. Public Administration - Palm Desert Campus

    ... of Public Policy, Affairs and Administration and boasts ... Between the once a week San Bernardino ... there is an additional fee, students can complete ...


  8. Program Objectives | Master of Arts in Social Sciences

    ... The objective of the MA in Social Sciences is to provide students with a survey of the concepts and ideas social scientists study with emphasis ...


  9. Students - Career Center

    ... Students & Alumni. ANNOUNCEMENTS. Handshake is a FREE web-based job board for CSUSB students and alumni. ...


  10. Students & Alumni | School of Social Work

    ... to represent student interests and opinions in departmental policy making processes, to facilitate communication between students and faculty, to ...