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  1. Environmental Health and Safety Department


  2. Student Health Center


  3. Department Of Health Science and Human Ecology


  1. Department Of Health Science and Human Ecology

    ... Spring/Summer 2016 Public Health Newsletter. Winter 2016 Public Health Newsletter. CEPH Self Study, updated April 10, 2017. CEPH self study. ...


  2. Public Health Education

    ... Bachelor of Science, Public Health Education. ... Equity. Fairness and social justice in addressing population health. Interdisciplinary Collaboration. ...


  3. Environmental Health Science

    ... 10. HSCI 402. Principles of Occupational Health. Principles of occupational health risks including anticipation, recognition, evaluation, and control. ...


  4. Palm Desert Campus

    ... PDC. Services are available to students with a verified permanent or temporary disability and are free and confidential. ...


  5. Health Care Management

    ... Financial Management (4) 10. HSCI 452. Special Topics in Health Science and Human Ecology (4). 11. HSCI 455. Health Policy and Law (4) 12. ...


  6. Health Insurance - International Extension Programs

    ... Health Insurance. Student health center. Student health center. Effective August 1, 1995, all F-1 visa applicants must agree ...


  7. Designated Free Speech Areas Palm Desert Campus

    Designated Free Speech Areas Palm Desert Campus All persons may exercise constitutionally-protected rights of free ...


  8. CISP - Health Insurance

    ... Navigation Links Home > Admissions > Health Insurance Health Insurance Requirement. F-1 Student. Insurance is a requirement. Effective Aug. ...


  9. ICD–10 For ICD-9 Coders - Certificates Professional and ...

    ... ICD–10 For ICD-9 Coders. ... Skill Sets. Our training is specifically designed to prepare you to be successful with the ICD-10 code set. ...


  10. Campus Health & Safety Policies | CSUSB

    ... Menu Column 10: University Get Involved; University Student Services; ... Campus Health Services Oversight Policy. Drug-free Workplace Policy. ...