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  1. LEAD – Latino Education & Advocacy Days


  2. Latino Education & Advocacy Days


  3. National Latino Education Network


  1. CSUSB Center for International Studies and Programs

    ... International Students Exploring Cal State San Bernardino. ... There are many factors that attract international students like you to attend CSUSB. ...


  2. Prospective Students - Office of Graduate Studies

    ... Course Registration: Students who register for courses after the registration deadline ... fees, and additional documents are due July 6, 2017 for fall ...


  3. First Year Students | CSUSB

    ... First Year Students. Prepare for College. ... Out-of-state/non-resident students: For most majors, a GPA of 3.61 and above qualifies with any score. ...


  4. Current Students | CSUSB

    ... Current Students Current ... Current Students. Academics. Today the world we live in needs leaders – and here is where those leaders are made. ...


  5. Future Students | CSUSB

    ... Future Students Future Students. ... Future Students. Preparing For College. If you're thinking about choosing CSUSB as a ...


  6. Students - Career Center

    ... Students & Alumni. ANNOUNCEMENTS. Handshake is a FREE web-based job board for CSUSB students and alumni. ...


  7. Students & Alumni | School of Social Work

    ... Students & Alumni. ... Future Social Workers in Action (FSWA) is a club for students enrolled in the Bachelor of Arts in Social Work (BASW) program. ...


  8. Current Students - Office of Graduate Studies

    ... Current Students. The Office of Graduate Studies is a resource for graduate students. The Current Students pages of our ...


  9. Students | CSUSB

    ... Students. What is Q2S? ... We've put up a Question & Answer page, too. Send us your questions! Do students have a voice in this process? ...


  10. Garner Holt Fast Pitch Competition

    ... All students will pitch proposed business ideas or ... materials must be the original work of the ... SAN BERNARDINO COPYRIGHT © 2017 IECE ALL ...