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  1. Welcome to the History Department at CSUSB | Department of ...

    ... Welcome to the History Department at CSUSB. ... It is one of the few in the country to offer an undergraduate degree in Public and Oral History. ...


  2. Welcome Page | History in the Making | A Journal of History at ...

    ... History in the Making. A Journal of History. History in the Making is an annual publication of the California State University ...


  3. History (BA) - Palm Desert Campus

    ... History (BA). 4-year Freshman Road Map. ... Additional Information: Bulletin of Courses (Course Catalog) for: Bachelor of Arts in History. ...


  4. History - Palm Desert Campus

    ... History. In the early 1980's citizens of the Coachella Valley recognized the economic, cultural and social benefits that a ...


  5. Art History - Department of ART

    ... Art History. curatorial resources and study of collections coordinated with the Robert and Frances Fullerton Museum of Art; ...


  6. PlanIII (Art History) - Department of ART

    ... Plan III (Art History). The major in art history prepares students for the humanities discipline and for the museum field. Coursework ...


  7. History of CSUSB | CSUSB

    ... History of CSUSB. California State University, San Bernardino was born on April 29, 1960, when legislation was enacted ...


  8. Public & Oral History Program | Department of History

    ... Public & Oral History Program. CSUSB is proud to offer ... Oral History and Community Partnerships. CSUSB is located at the ...


  9. Degree Tracks | Department of History

    ... Degree Tracks. The History Department has developed a major that can be completed by taking one of three tracks: Teaching ...


  10. Faculty & Staff | Department of History